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Korean Jindo Dog
The Korean Jindo Dog : includes history, links to photos, rescues clubs, and favourite websites.
Beagle Gallery
Dogs Gallery Index of Photos and Pictures - Beagle Gallery
AKC's Top Dogs Of 2006
The most popular dogs in the United States according to the registration numbers at the American Kennel Club. Every year the American Kennel Club publishes the registration of the most popular breeds for that year. This year one the most popular breeds is edged out of its spot by a pocket-sized favorite. The remaining seven are familiar with their "top ten" titles as well.
Pomeranian Gallery
Dogs Gallery Index of Photos and Pictures - Pomeranian Gallery
A photo gallery of Scottish Deerhound pictures for your viewing pleasure. Browse through these great photos of Scottish Deerhound dogs, and send in your own!
Lady Bee Identifies Best Left And Right Wing Dog Shirts
Do your furbabies have definite political views? Do they wear those views on their backs? If so check out two recent Lady Bee blogs. Lady Bee has found the best left and right wing shirts for dogs. No matter which side you and your Dogster favor, these are fun! Here’s a little from the [...]
Got Title? â Weekly Pet Photo Caption Contest
Are you ready for the next photo in our new weekly pet photo caption contest? Oil up those brain cells and let those captions loose! The prize each week is 25 zealies and we cut the contest off for judging at midnight Central time next Wednesday. Please include your Dogster or Catster page number [...]
Small Dog Breeds
For people that have size preference, or restrictions on the size of an allowed pet, these are the dog breeds that typically fall under 25 pounds, or are in the Toy dog breed category (according the AKC classifications).
Cushing's Disease
Dog Diseases, Illnesses and Conditions, symptoms, treatments and causes when known.
North Carolina Highway Patrol K9 Cop Caught On Video Abusing Belgian Malinois Ricoh, Rest Of NC Department Accused Of Abuse Also
Please Crosspost!!! What’s in the water the North Carolina State Trooper K9 handlers are drinking? Whatever it is, someone needs to cut them off. One handler is already in trouble for horrible abuse of a dog in his care. Now we find out that the more of the folks in the same department [...]



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