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Westie Grooming; The Basics

By Westiesinfo & Daniel Martims

Taking care of your westie is as important as taking care of yourself, we are giving you a quick heads up in westie grooming and the basics.

As humans we all know the social value of a groomed look. We all consider our pets as a part of our family, don't we? Then why shouldn't you follow the same grooming routines like hair cut, nail cutting or bathing for your Westie as you religiously follow for your self? In fact you should get your Westie puppy introduced to a grooming regimen right from the day you have brought it home. But there are certain procedures you should bear in mind while grooming your dog. In your enthusiasm, if you overdo the things, it will serve no purpose at all. Read more below to learn about the westie grooming basics.

As you start with the Westie puppies, just limit your grooming time to two to three minutes and keep doing it at this time intervals till your little sweetie gets accustomed to the practice of grooming. Grooming West Highland White Terriers require a patient handling. Without being abusive, you need to be firm and patient. Remember, heavy handling with the westies only deteriorates the things. Shouting at them, when things are not up to your expectation, will only discourage them to go through the grooming session properly. On the other hand, you have to shower lots of praise every time your westie makes a little progress during its grooming sessions. It is a special characteristic of the westies that they learn more and learn quicker if they are praised and rewarded. Praises will make the grooming session something to enjoy, not something to concern about.

It will be wiser to introduce your westie to the grooming routines by combing its long furs for a few minutes every day. Then when it is accustomed with the practice and learns to enjoy the combing and brushing session, then switch over to clipping the out of place hairs. Also brush them out on a daily basis. Westies love attention and soon they will recognize the pampering spirit of these grooming sessions and in fact start to wait for them.

Sometimes the westie owners get confused with regard to the choice between stripping and clipping. If your dog is going to appear in some kind of dog show, then you can consider the stripping, which make the coat harder and coarser. For the pet dogs, stripping is optional and not a requirement. For them clipping seems to be a better option for getting rid of the extra hairs as it makes the coat softer and on many westies, it brings a wavy effect.

If you prefer to strip your westie, do not bathe it prior to the procedure. Bathing makes the hair slippery and much harder to pull. On the other hand, you need to bathe the westie prior to clipping, as it prevents your clippers to become dull easily. However, brush the dog thoroughly, before you start striping your dog.

The West Highland White Terrier grooming also consists of taking care of its teeth and nails while bathing it from time to time.



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Name: Diana
Posted on: December 8, 2006, 12:59 pm
Comment: As a groomer, I've dealt with a number of Westies, and learning how to strip their coats is a technique a lot of owners don't know about. Correct grooming requires a bit of knowledge and experience, which I'm always happy to share with my customers. Westies are one of favorites, though--such feisty little guys.

Posted on: February 7, 2007, 2:43 pm
Comment: Criadero modelo de la raza West Highland White Terrier, Westies de show y de compañía. Lineas: Argentinas, Españolas y Chilenas.



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