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Choosing a Westhighland Terrier

By Jeff Cuckson

Westies are fun loving and spirited, and have a sense of humor. There is no question that the West Highland White Terrier is a versatile and remarkable breed. To know more about them

1) Attend Westie shows
2) Westie Club meetings
3) Local kennel club meetings
4) Talk with local breeders and Westie owners.
5) Have patience and never buy impulsively ...

Westies are beautiful animals which make good family pets and are good earth dogs. Westies can also work as hearing dogs, therapy dogs and tracking dogs.

What Do Westie puppies cost?

The price of a companion quality Westie puppy varies significantly depending on where you live. The cost averages less than $100 per year, which is not a lot compared to the annual maintenance cost of a Westie.

Westies have small litters (average is 3.5 puppies per litter). Stud fees, shipping, pre-breeding tests, veterinary expenses, occasional Caesarian sections, vaccinations, feeding, and toys are all costly.

Money from the sale of puppies does not cover all of these expenses, let alone the time invested for good care and socialization. Young adults and rescued Westies cost considerably less and usually make wonderful pets.

Do Westies Make Good Gifts?

Many people try to buy puppies as Christmas gifts for children or other family members. Most breeders do not recommend this. A better idea is to give Westie related gifts, leashes, grooming tools and then bring your puppy home when all the excitement has died down.

It is generally not a good idea to surprise someone with a living, breathing gift, even if you are positive that the individual wants a puppy and a Westie puppy in particular. That individual should get the joy of picking out his/her own puppy or young adult. A book with lots of pictures or a toy Westie make a wonderful presentation and can also be beautifully gift wrapped too.

Weaning and Feeding Pups:

Good breeders will make sure their pups go to new homes with a small supply of the food they are used to, plus fairly detailed instructions about times and amounts to feed the pup. Ask about what brand of Westie food they use and why they use that particular one. If they make their own Westie food, ask them about the ingredients and why they have included each one.

Socializing your Puppies Before They Go To New Homes:

A good breeder will ensure that pups learn to interact with humans in different age brackets, especially children. They will often invite neighbors children in to play with the pups, but under supervision.

Pups should also be socialized to deal with new situations although for health reasons, it is risky to take a puppy out in public until it has had its second set of shots. Ways to prepare pups to dealing with new situations is to put them into different locations, or give them new and odd toys.

Choosing a Male or Female:

Temperamentally, there is very little difference between sexes in Westies. Each has its pros and cons. There is a crossover and always the exception to the rule. Spayed and neutered animals do not have many of the negative characteristics of their sex.

Males can be easily trained to use an urination post in the garden, thus keeping the garden healthy and odor free. Many fanciers find the males to be more affectionate. Females are slightly smaller, are not as strong, and are therefore easier to walk and carry.

Choosing a Puppy or Adult Westie:

The advantage of getting a puppy; aside from its irresistible cutenessis; is that you can raise it by yourself from the beginning, and participate in its training and socialization every step of the way.

The disadvantage is that training a puppy requires a great deal of time and patience. Busy families should keep in mind that puppies cannot be left alone for more than a few hours at a time. They need plenty of trips outside, frequent meals, and lots of interaction with people.

Adult Westies, whether purchased directly from a breeder or adopted from a rescue group, can be ideal for people who want a Westie with fewer needs. Mature Westies tend to be calmer; some are already house-trained and know some basic obedience.

The key to the decision is the lifestyle of the adoptive household. If there are lots of people around, and they are able to keep a puppy active and clean up after it, then a puppy may be the best choice.

However, if there are constraints on cleaning up, exercising or lengths of time the Westie must be alone, an older pup or adult Westie may be better choice.


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Name: Diana
Posted on: December 8, 2006, 12:59 pm
Comment: As a groomer, I've dealt with a number of Westies, and learning how to strip their coats is a technique a lot of owners don't know about. Correct grooming requires a bit of knowledge and experience, which I'm always happy to share with my customers. Westies are one of favorites, though--such feisty little guys.

Posted on: February 7, 2007, 2:43 pm
Comment: Criadero modelo de la raza West Highland White Terrier, Westies de show y de compañía. Lineas: Argentinas, Españolas y Chilenas.



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