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To WestiesInfo, this is a resources site that mainly concentrate on the dog breed West Highland White Terrier. Our aim is to supply Westie lovers with interesting tips, articles, news and usefull products reviews. Do yourself a favour and bookmark this page now.

westie in the snowThe full name for a Westie is West Highland White Terrier. The dog was officially listed in 1907. They got their name thanks to the rugged character of the dog and the area of their development. There are also other terriers that belong in the same group of dogs, Skye, Scottish, Cairn, Dandie Dinmont all have the same roots as the Westies.

Colonel Edward Donald Malcom of Poltalloch, Argyllshire in Scotland is the man that they say was the man who started breeding the white dogs. The Westy was used for hunting, and the story says that one day Colonel Edward was out hunting a red dog of his was mistakenly shot because he thought it was a fox. After that Colonel Edward decided that he would only breed with dogs as they could easily be identified in the field.

These scottish terriers are a types of dogs that can live very long and the normal lifespan varies from 12 to 16 years. It is recommended that you spend some time finding the right Westies for you and your family,westie expect to use up to a year finding the "perfect" dog. When it comes to price, it varies allot from which country you live in, and how popular the dog is in that area.
Westies are not an expensive dog compared to other dogs, and you can expect to use between $100 and $200 annually on a Westie. Of course there might be other expenses that you would have to pay over the year like toys, veterinary expenses etc, but remember, the better you treat your lovable Westies the better it will treat you back!!.

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